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  • Hipe2013 says:

    Hi, I want to say Thanks for this the wanderfull Book About Corona “Mobile App Development with Corona: Getting Started – Part 1 [Kindle Edition]”, this is my order number: D01-6894207-4241046.

    I’m learning with Your great Book, now I’m working with the Simple Calculator, but This Line : native.newTextField( left, top, width, height [, listener] )

    Is given me an error, can you Help me.. for me to continued.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Hipe2013 says:

    it says “17: unexpected symbol near ‘,'”

    I’m working in Windows 8.

  • Dr. Burton says:

    Hi Freddy,
    What do you have as your line of code on line 17? Usually there was a typing error if you have that type of error.

  • Hipe2013 says:

    Hi, Thanks for your answer, please kindly, can you check in your Book this part
    (Replace these hardcoded numbers with:
    native.newTextField( left, top, width, height [, listener])

    Please, cause in the example I don’t find this line and maybe an error.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Dr. Burton says:

    The line is commented out in the example code so that it doesn’t throw an error.
    The line should read:
    local firstNumber = native.newTextField(width-100, height-75, 220, 36)

  • Hipe2013 says:

    Hi, Burton,
    Thanks a lot For your Answer, I’m learning with your Book and I think finish this part and Buy the second part.

    Your Book is Good!!!.

  • Hipe2013 says:

    Hi, Burton, I already finish the first part and bought the second one, here my Order Number:
    ( order number: D01-9130890-1373850 Order Total: $7.99)

    I want To say, Thanks, I like your Book and the way I’m learning with it.

    Thanks A lot Burton.

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