Reflections on Personalized Education

Posted by Dr. Burton on May 30, 2018 in Deep Learning, Education, Technology |

Traditional education assumes a transmissive format of instruction.  With #VR we can leave behind the traditional “sage-on-the-stage” and enable new #epistemology approaches, enabling learners to experience #education instead of trying to recall it from a lecture. When we begin to include #AI agents, #bigdata; when we are creating true #personalizededucation that adapts to the needs of the student, then we are accomplishing what generations of educators have sought to accomplish.



More to come, this is just the beginning!!

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Dealing with Gallstones

Posted by Dr. Burton on April 29, 2018 in Uncategorized |

I’ve been a little distracted lately due to a family health issue; my wife has been dealing with gallstones.

Probably one of the most painful things someone can suffer. We elected to go the alternative medicine route rather than have the surgery.

Why? It comes down to knowing too many people who have had the surgery and the problems that they had after the surgery. There were several times during the early weeks when my wife nearly changed her mind and had the surgery.

So, we researched. We researched a LOT. Every day we looked for solutions to this very painful condition and we wanted to share what we are doing.

After five weeks of dealing with the problem, we have hit on a combination of treatments that seem to be working. I will update this article as we continue to treat the problem.

NOTE: I’m not that kind of doctor! What I am sharing is what we CHOOSE to do. If you or a loved one are suffering with this very intense pain (and it can be life threatening), this advice should not be considered a medical opinion. You should see your healthcare practitioner and make your own decision!

For pain control, the only three things we found to help were:
a) Epson salt baths. This was the first thing we tried. For the first few weeks my wife spent a lot of time in the tub and it did help with the pain immediately.
b) Ultra Blue cream. Between the baths, this cream helped a lot.
c) Yoga. We didn’t discover the yoga until several weeks into the pain. At that point my wife couldn’t even consider doing anything beyond the child pose. The article we read suggested a shoulder stand, along with several other positions, which wasn’t a possibility. Fortunately, we had purchased an inversion table a few years ago to help with back pain.

The results were immediate. After two sessions on the inversion table (about 5 minutes each, 1 hour apart), my wife was feeling so much better! She is continuing to do the inversions every hour.

While the pain is not gone, these three methods have given her control of the pain.

With the pain managed, we needed to treat the underlying problem we CHOSE (remember, this is just a retelling of what we are doing to correct the problem, not a recommendation for what you should do) to use a combination of:
1) Stone Breaker (Chanca Piedra) in a liquid form
2) Stone Free
3) lots of Apple juice
4) Ox bile
5) Choline
We also decided to get Chanca Piedra in a pill form for longer relief.
My wife found that the Stone breaker in liquid form provided a little bit of relief about 20 minutes after taking it, and that the relief would last approximately two hours.

Again, this was OUR experience. Your situation is different and you need to make your own decision.

Please do not ask any questions. We are not qualified to provide any advice in this matter. We are sharing what we decided to do with the hopes that it can benefit others.

* We do not accept or assume any responsibility for your decisions.  The information provided above should not be construed as medical or healthcare advice. *

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Certbot Not Renewing

Posted by Dr. Burton on March 17, 2018 in Cloud Computing, Technology, WordPress |

First, this post is more for me as a reminder should I have this problem again. But, if it helps you resolve your problem, yea!

Problem (tl;dr version): Certbot didn’t update the ssl certificates on one of my servers, resulting in ugly messages about the websites not being safe.
Long Version: I’m hosting my own sites on Amazon EC2 servers running AMI flavor of Linux. About a year ago I upgraded from standard webpages to ssl to make Google and other search engines happy. Everything was going fine until recently when the site didn’t renew the certificates for SSL from Let’s Encrypt.

While I had followed the Amazon tutorial exactly (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/SSL-on-an-instance.html#letsencrypt) Certbot wasn’t running any longer. After troubleshooting, I found that it was a common problem with the latest versions of certbot. There were a lot of solutions provided by various people, none worked correctly. What did work is:
On the github website (https://github.com/certbot/certbot/issues/1680#issuecomment-358728515) I found a solution that worked:
sudo rm -rf /opt/eff.org/*
sudo pip install -U certbot
sudo certbot renew –-debug

I did have to make one change:
sudo ./certbot-auto renew –-debug

Now the solutions is available should I (or anyone else) need it!

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Lumberyard, Lua, Corona Projects Update

Posted by Dr. Burton on July 12, 2017 in Amazon Lumberyard, Corona, Game Development, Lua, Lumberyard |

We have been working on serveral major projects at Burtons Media Group. We thought we would take a moment and provide an update on individual status of the projects:

Amazon Lumberyard Game Development Fundamentals: Space Explorer

The textbook is mostly complete with the exception of the final chapter where we cover visual scripting. We are semi-patiently awaiting the release of Lumberyard 1.10.  This update promises to be a major one with the inclusion of Script Canvas, Amazon Lumberyard’s visual scripting tool set.  Expect to see the release of this textbook and associated on-demand video course soon after the 1.10 release.

Corona Development On-Demand Course

The on-demand course is in active development with completely new and updated videos and content.  While based upon our Learning Mobile Applicaition & Game Development and Beginning Mobile App Development textbooks, we are adding additional lessons to make this a great value above and beyond the textbooks.  We will be providing a discount if you previously purchased on of the Corona Textbooks.

Work continues on the isometric game development book.  We will be using the Million Tile Engine plugin to handle much of the heavy lifing and focus on the isometric game development process in this textbook.

Learning Lua

Lua seems to be at the center of every project that we develop.  While it was not intentional, it has definitly become the “need to know” scripting language at BMG.  To that end we have started developing a textbook and on-demand course content on Lua that will cover everything from the basics through using Lua for Machine Learning (Torch) and implementing Lua as a part of an engine.

Burton Institute of Technology

We at Burtons Media Group were recently asked when we would begin to provide on-demand training for Lumberyard, Corona, and Lua.  In the past we have focused on digital-print (i.e. pdf and ePub) plus making games.
As we surveyed the landscape (and with Dr. Burton’s extensive knowledge of online learning) we have decided to begin actively developing online certificate courses.  Production has already begun and you can expect to see BIT courses via the BurtonsMediaGroup.com website in the very near future.




Update on Game Development Fundamentals with Amazon Lumberyard: Space Explorer

Posted by Dr. Burton on June 21, 2017 in Amazon Lumberyard, Education |

We made the decision to wait for #AmazonLumberyard 1.10 before we release  “Game Development Fundamentals with Amazon Lumberyard”.   The textbook is 90% complete.  We want to make sure everything is accurate for the new features expected in the next release.
The great people at @AmznLumberyard have ave 6 to 8 weeks between releases, so 1.10 should be out soon!  Expect the textbook (and an on-demand video series) soon after that!
Our goal is to provide everyone with an outstanding learning experience. We believe that will best be accomplished by waiting just a couple of more weeks to ensure that you have a great experience with Lumberyard.

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