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Below are resources and tools that I commonly use and recommend
(Disclosure: I am an affiliate for some of the links below and receive compensation if you use the link. I do NOT recommend anything that I do not like and use).


Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Beginning Mobile App Development with Corona (eTextbook)

      Download Code Samples & Resource Files

Mobile App Development with Corona eBook

      Download Code Samples & Resource Files

Learning Mobile Application & Game Development with Corona (eTextbook)

      Download Code Samples and Resource Files


Game Engines

Corona SDK by Corona Labs

Amazon Lumberyard

Unity 3D engine


Adobe Education Store – a great savings for students and faculty (for non-commercial work only!)


Programming Tools

Sublime – The official IDE for Corona

Tips and Tricks HQ –  Great shopping cart and other resources!  Don’t waste your time with the freebies, they will only cost you more in the long run (from personal experience).

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  • Brent says:

    Hi I’m using your book to learn Corona and I’m learning a lot, one suggestion though for any future updates, discerning your code in black and white vs what I’m seeing on screen is difficult. It’s easy to lose my place, and in some areas with comments some lines are placed in a way that makes you think it’s part of a normal line of code. Please color code your stuff via sublime since thats what most of us will be using.

  • Seng keat says:

    Dear Sir
    How is the book for preparing to be the corona certify developer?
    I am waiting for it.

    Best Regards

  • Dr. Burton says:

    At the moment, the Learning textbook is only available as PDF. I am working on creating the ePub & mobi versions of v.1.5 of Beginning. They should be available sometime next week. Send me an email with the version you would like to receive and I’ll make sure you get it.

  • I Purchased the ebook version of the Learning Mobile app Development and the Beginning App & Game and got PDF versions of each rather than ebook. How do I get the Ebook version?

  • Seng keat says:

    Hi Dr. Burton,

    I have read your comments and other related.
    Just onething i knew that you are preparing the document for the corona certify developer.

    How was it, Sir?
    and How can I find it?
    I want to become corona certify developer.

    I am waiting for your repson,

    Best regard,
    Seng Keat

  • Brett Grimmer says:

    Dr Burton,
    I recently purchased your book “Mobile App Development with Corona”. I am enjoying the book however cannot find where to download the “code examples, graphics, and other tools”, you mention on page 3. Where can I get the link to download them.

    thank you,
    Brett Grimmer

  • Jo says:

    Good day, would it be possible for someone to email me about an opportunity in developing a series a small mobile games. Email is included in comment.
    Thanks 🙂

  • jessyjin says:

    Dear Developer / Vendor Manager,

    I am writing to offer you our professional translation and localization services. My name is Jessy Jin, I’m in charge of the Business Development in CIKIN TRANSLATIONS, which is a China based company dedicated in providing Chinese translation and localization services for mobile apps.

    We are able to translate and localize User Interface, Help Document and App Store Text. With our experience and expertise in mobile app localization, you can reach millions of Chinese iPhone/Android users who only speak Chinese – they are interested in new apps and games, but they can’t read English or other languages.

    We have 5 in-house translators and work with around 50 experienced freelance translators. We’re able to produce top quality translations at competitive rates.

    We do NOT use machine translations! We only use professional translators!

    Quality Assurance: glossary creating -> glossary translation -> glossary approving -> translation -> editing -> edits checking (by the original translator) -> human proofreading -> machine check

    Please do not hesitate to contact me in case you need more information or have any question, I would be very happy to answer.

    Thank you very much!

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kindest regards,


  • aonghus says:

    Bought paid for e-book but wanted PDF. Got no reply???

    • Dr. Burton says:

      @Aonghus I had replied with the link to the email address that you used to purchase the ebook. I have re-sent the link to that email address and the new one you have supplied with this comment.

  • Andrew says:

    I am trying to find the examples and graphics you say I can download on your site… but i cannot find them… any help??

  • Greg says:

    My name is Greg. I live in Poland.
    I just begun my story with Unity 3D.
    I found your email at tutorials.
    I would like to ask you about script in IPhone or android. Could you write something like that ?
    It would very help me, because I change job in game designer in iOS,
    and I have to show. Later, I will not be programmed only to design the graphics and levels.

    This script must do :

    – find touch (when we put two fingers on screen, then script must appear a some object “cube”)
    – when our fingers touched and move then our object move too (object fallow to fingers).
    – when we rotate fingers on screen, our object rotate too.

    Sorry for my English

    Please feedback , Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards, Greg

  • s.h. says:

    I like your project – contact my about the sound loops…

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